How yoga can wreck your body: New York Times Article

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body
Published: January 5, 2012
Popped ribs, brain injuries, blinding pain. Are the healing rewards worth the risks?

For all you non-believers out there….While yoga has many, many amazing benefits for lots of people, if you’re just doing it as a sport, or to push yourself in a new and different way, you can seriously hurt yourself.  I know so many people that have hurt their knees, ankles, wrists, backs… whatever else… from yoga practice.  Too many people don’t listen to their bodies when they’re pushing themselves, exerting themselves.  No pain, no gain is not what we’re going for here.  Pushing yourself is good, but pushing yourself too far is really, really bad.  

People often assume that yoga is only for really flexible people, and in some situations being flexible makes it easier to get into poses.  Being flexible allows you to fling yourself into a complex pose without focusing on what other movements or adjustments need to be noted to get into that position.  How the rest of your body needs to be aligned to help you get into a specific pose.  And that makes highly flexible people injure themselves.  The way your joints are positioned, the way your feet are planted on the floor, foundation of the pose, all affect the way a person gets into a pose.  Having tighter muscles can make you focus more on the foundation and form of a pose.  It also prevents you from moving into a pose you aren’t ready for.  

Just because you’re not a super-bendy-pretzel-contortionist-cirque-du-soleil-wannbe, it doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga.  Just listen to your body and don’t go hurt yourself!


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