Yin practice… And judgement

I went to a yin yoga class this evening. Since being sick, I haven’t been to a class since the holidays. It’s been waaaay too long, and the class was pretty awesome. It was an instructor I’ve never been to before, and I really enjoyed the class. My experience is that you never know with yoga classes until you go to one. Some ‘hatha’ classes will totally kick your butt and you’ll walk out on jelly-legs. Some ‘intermediate’ classes are so easy you barely feel like you stretched anything or broke a sweat. Yin yoga classes are the same way. Sometimes “yin” signifies that the teacher will focus more on moving fluidly through the poses. Or it can mean that you’ll do moon salutations instead of sun salutations. Or it could be more traditional ‘yin yoga’ and mean that you’ll hold a few poses for a very long time (1-10 minutes) with the help of several blankets, bolsters and/or blocks. I like the latter best, because the goal is to get into the connective tissue and work you there, as opposed to stretching and working the muscles themselves.
So tonight was the more traditional style, and we did lots of hip openers. That means you get to deal with a lot of pent up emotions, the baggage you bury, but think you’ve dealt with…. Yeah, it’s all sorts of fun!
The teacher kept encouraging us to “let go of whatever you can. Let go of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, even just your breath. Whatever comes up, just see if you can let something go”.
And the first thing that came to my mind was judgement. Several other thoughts came to mind, but judgment is the one that stood out.

Judgement, really?
(ok, maybe even that is a bit judgmental!)
But I’m not a judgmental person….

And then I thought about how I’m always wanting more, how I have this subconscious expectation of perfection. For myself, as well as others.
But especially myself.
And I have (to try) to let go of that mythical thought of whatever ‘perfect’ is. I have to let go of the expectation that something can be perfect. That I can be perfect. (I’m not trying to say I think I’m perfect, but that’s the standard that I hold myself to, and it’s not attainable.) When I feel like other people around me think that whatever I do or say or think or feel isn’t good enough, it’s me that’s really thinking that. And I have to try to unlearn that thought that something, someone, can be perfect. And I need to let go of judging myself and others when that unattainable, ethereal quality of ‘perfection’ isn’t a part of real life. Judgment isn’t healthy, in yourself, in others. Acceptance is so much better.
Soooo, anyone have any advice on how to cultivate acceptance???


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