I don’t understand valentine’s day

While I am a hopeless romantic, I find the Valentine’s day “holiday”….perplexing. Why do you need a specific day to tell a loved one (of whatever type of love it is) that you do, in fact, love them? If you truly love somebody – lover, boy/girlfriend, significant other, the “I-don’t-really-know-what-we-are-but-you-rock-my-world” person, friend, husband/wife, family – tell them every single opportunity you can. Every day is filled with those magical moments that make you feel affectionate, loving, loved, tender, compassionate, exhilirated, phenomenally alive, like you’re 16 and every cell of your body is glowing vibrantly in tune with this love you feel, with the universe.

Seriously, that person could get in a car wreck, be in a freak killer bee accident, bit by a rabid bat, hit by a tractor, or whatever other random thing you see on the news every night. I understand that work, frustration…life gets in the way, and for those reasons its a nice reminder. But with all the things that go on every day in the world, do we need to be reminded by Hallmark Inc. on a specific day to say, “By the way, my actions don’t always show it, but I love you…”
To all my friends, loved ones, family, and undefinable people in my life, even the stranger with the beautiful smile I momentarily fall in love with as I pass by… I hope you realize the love every single day.

Sorry, I’ll get down off my soapbox now.


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