The Illuminated Chakras

One if my coworkers lent me the DVD “The Illuminated Chakras” when he found out that I was going through yoga teacher training. This DVD that accompanies a book by Anodea Judith. The DVD is about 30 minutes, the book is about 500 pages.
The DVD mainly goes through each of the chakras, what they represent and influence according to the yogic mythology. I know chakras are a fairly significant idea within the kundalini tradition, but I’m not overly familiar with that style. Maybe it’s because the spine is represented as a serpent, and well, I don’t like snakes at all. They freak me out.
I am firmly on board with the idea that we hold emotions and memories in our muscles. We essentially take the intangible and make it tangible in our bodies. I also am on board with the fact that there are trigger points in our muscles, our bodies, where we store stress, frustration, energy that we don’t want to or don’t feel capable of dealing with. That stress, tension, or energy has to get moving somehow. And even though I understand the face that sound and light are waves, I’m not sure I follow the whole concept of “this part of your body is attuned with these colors and these sounds” and such. Isn’t that something different for each person?
I know I’ve experienced a lot of things that I never would have believed by doing yoga. But that’s my own personal experience. I don’t know what to say about chakras. I don’t really know a lot about them, or their origins, the story behind them. This DVD, while a pretty and interesting way to present the chakras and chakra theory, I don’t feel like the questions I had were answered. I have a nice visualization about the chakras, their colors and symbols…. But I still don’t really understand them. Maybe the DVD really needs to be used in conjunction with the book….and maybe I shouldn’t be watching this when I’m really tired and want to go to bed!