Let your intuition be your guide…

“Let your intuition be your guide.  Your heart knows what it wants, and you can trust it to lead you in the right direction.” 

There are so many cliches that say to listen to you heart, follow your heart, let your heart lead the way…  

What happens when you can’t tell your head from your heart?  

When the direction from your heart is so caught up in the thought process that you can’t find that real voice deep inside.  That racing and spinning of all your thoughts, other people’s thoughts and opinions, those subconscious opinions you have from your childhood & family, the mores that you don’t necessarily think for yourself, but that you believe because that’s what you were brought up to believe, the impressions and ideals and desires and shame that are pressed upon you by others. Not to mention all your fears, doubts, hopes, and dreams. How do you tell those whirring thoughts from that soft, deep voice that tells you what you truly deeply want in your heart?  How do you know its not leading you in the wrong direction? Making the wrong decision can be so deceptively easy.  

I want so desperately to find my path, to know where I’m going, know I’m doing something right. I just want to find that voice, but can’t sort it out from all the other cockroach thoughts that rustle around in the depths of the mind, unseen, unwanted, but still there plaguing you.  It feels like my heart has been trapped in a little glass case for a long time, paralyzed, searching for freedom in all the wrong places, and its about to burst. So much yearning to be had, so much love diffrayed.  Sometimes its so frustrating it makes me cry.

When is that moment you surrender? Can’t take anymore doubt and overthinking and break down.

How do you quiet those unneccesary and misleading thoughts and just find the true ones that are pointing you in the right direction?